Convince your cat to use his scraper

One of the problems of having a cat at home is the fact that it can scratch all your furniture, the upholstery of the sofa and the chairs or even the doors.

The truth is that cats needs to scratch to wear-down and sharpen their nails, it is part of their instinct.

When you decide to share your life with one of these animals, you must take this into account, since removing the nails is not an option. But that does not mean you have to give everything to the pussy cat.

Education must start from the get-go.

When the kitten is small it can be funny to watch them scratch or knead. He looks tiny, so cute and cuddly … but what they learn to do as a baby will do so throughout his or her life, and it is very complicated to change the habits of a pussy cat.

Therefore, the best thing is to instill good habits from the beginning.

The same day that your cat comes home there should be a scraper and that is where you should direct it every time the animal wants to scratch something.

The whole family must be involved in that and not allow it to scratch other things. It is not necessary to scold him, you just have to take them there and play with them, even move the paws against the scraper, so that they accept and uses it.

Little tricks that help your cat use its scraper

There are small tricks that will help you achieve this goal of the cat using the scraper, these are the ones that generally offer more results:

– A large scraper. Of course, great for the size of the cat. While a kitten can use a cardboard scraper but when it grows, it is ideal that it is a scraper that allows it to stretch completely. Some people put it on the wall, next to the cat’s bed, so that it can stretch as much as it wants.

– Toys that hang. The hanging toys awaken the cat’s hunter instinct. The animal will want to give them with the claws and play, which, in passing, will scratch the scraper and discover that it has the right touch to make you feel good-by sharpening it’s nails.

– The catnip. It does not work with all cats, but if yours is a catnip lover you just have to put it in the scraper and it will come to it as a honey bear. They will love rubbing the scraper and playing with it.

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